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Admission to Postgraduate studies supported by the Africa Sustainable Infrastructure Mobility (ASIM) Project
ASIM offers support for PG studies undertaken within the Built Environment at four universities, namely: University of Johannesburg, Ardhi University, Covenant University and University of Malawi – The Polytechnic, in Africa. Applicants are advised to review research areas as outlined in the ASIM research roadmap or as advertised on the four institutions’ websites. The roadmap or areas of research interest advertised by ASIM will assist in shaping and focusing your proposed research. Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) is a requirement for consideration before submitting the application for admission. The EOI also shortens the application and admission time. Processing of the EOI will take no more than 10 working days from the date we receive all the documentation.
Please note that submitting an EOI does not guarantee admission nor a scholarship program.
Through this expression of interest, ASIM will collect your personal information and documentation to allow the universities to process your expression of interest to study at one of the four institutions.


Please be informed that if you are selected, proposed for a scholarship, or put on the reserve list, your data may be used for the purposes of managing and monitoring the projects, evaluating the programmes and producing statistics. Read the privacy statement here

The submitted information will be used to assess the application and for tracking your progression once accepted up to graduation.
Please ensure that your information reflects the best of your knowledge, your capability, competence, and experience correctly. Therefore, if ASIM or the universities find at a later stage that the provided information is deliberately incomplete, untrue, fraudulent, or incorrect in any way, the admission will be reversed, and the matter reported to relevant authorities. Your information disclosed to us in this expression of interest is confidential and cannot be made available to any other party without your consent and or as permitted by law. If at a later stage you wish to correct, delete, or withdraw your expression of interest, you should contact the PG administrator at


We have been informed of numerous attempted frauds. Be cautious when receiving any advertisement inviting you to apply for an EU funded scholarship; before giving out any personal data, verify that the information comes from a trustworthy source. Be wary of messages telling you to pay a fee to be selected as a scholarship holder; EU scholarships are not granted for a fee.
ASIM Application

ASIM Application

Application to home country: mobility needs students to travel within Africa. Therefore applications to home country universities will be disqualified

Please click here to agree to the terms of the EOI

Applicant Information

Select your Preferred University

Proposed Enrolment

University of Johannesburg
Ardhi University, Tanzania
Covenant University, Nigeria
University of Malawi – The Polytechnic, Malawi
University of Johannesburg
Ardhi University, Tanzania
Covenant University, Nigeria

Research Record

EOIs with publications will be considered.

Article No. 01

Article No. 02

Article No. 03

Article No. 04


Referee #1

Referee #2

Key elements of the Proposal

Please note that the proposal for the PhD should have at least 5000 words. The Master’s degrees proposal should have at least 2000 words. The following key elements should be included in the proposal.
6.1 Title of research
6.2 Summary (250 words)
6.3 Keywords
6.4 Research aims and objectives.
6.5 Research problem, questions, or hypotheses (based on a robust literature review)
6.6 Literature review (This is a detailed systematic review that should exhibit critical and analytical thinking, show trends, key themes, thought leaders and gap in the field. The studies must be recent. The applicant will demonstrate knowledge of the field and how well they have identified the gap that they intend contributing knowledge to. As mentioned in 6.5, literature review will be the basis for aims, objectives, questions and hypotheses
6.7 Proposed research methods (Justification is needed for the chosen methods in data collection and analysis)
6.8 Project schedule
6.9 Project cost and other resources that will be needed for the study.
6.10 References – Use the Harvard style.

Required Documents to be attached to the EOI.

The maximum upload size is 5MB. You can upload Pdf, Jpg, Png and Word documents
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
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