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The University of Johannesburg is an institution that embodies the core principles of critical thinking and meaningful collaboration, anchored in Africa and dynamically shaping the future. Through these principles, we attract the best minds from around the world to engage with leaders in reimagining the future. 

UJ’s students, mentors, teachers, and thought leaders are making a difference, not only in South Africa but across the African continent and the world. With exposure to world-class facilities, proven structures of support and award-winning academic staff – all geared towards feeding imaginations in a safe, equal opportunity environment – we are seeding the world with a new generation who will lead with vision, with creativity, and with the power to see far beyond our present. As a respected research institution, the university is leading the new wave of thought through a multi-disciplinary approach to practical solutions that will make a real difference, from exploring the positive use of artificial intelligence, process automation, and smart cities; to developing nanotechnology capable of removing pollutants from water. We are investigating the sustainability of global resources through earth sciences, looking at our past to learn about our future.

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What are the institutional services provided to the scholarship holders?

Name of the organization Scope/Comments
UNIVERSITY OF JOHANNESBURG •Travel arrangements •Visa support •Accommodation search support •Welcoming •induction training •Administrative support (enrolment, opening bank account, etc.) •Support by a local coordinator/contact person •Involvement of local International Relations Office •Integration (social/cultural) activities organized.

Standard package of services provided to scholarship holders.

International Office in each Institution The international offices or equivalent at the host institutions will be fully involved in the management of and putting in place measures to ensure that incoming students and staff can obtain VISAs, any administrative support that they may require, provide all the travel information needed for the host country as well as being available to ensure smooth travel and arrival in the host’s country. Research centres The ASIM Partners’ research centres will be involved in the administering of the project. The research centres are university-approved research structures, and so they will be used to support the mobility participants. The centres will help participants integrate and feel part of a community within the host institutions. Orientation Program for staff and students All visiting students and staff should integrate with the host institutions’ colleagues to facilitate effective learning and exchange of ideas. Therefore, hosting Partners will arrange induction activities to the country, institution, and particular departments or research centres. There shall be an orientation for staff and students immediately after arriving and settling down on campus. This would help them settle in and have a good understanding of their host institution and nature/structure of their programs. Provision for Housing, Orientation and Cultural Aspects Each host institution will make arrangements and provide accommodation for both students and staff. There shall be an engagement of cultural activities at the inception of the program from each host institution to help bridge the culture shock. The students and staff on the mobility scheme shall also be introduced to the university management on arrival. Each University will place this team on their respective websites for adequate recognition

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